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Been a little while

May 8th, 2010 at 09:10 am

It's been a little while since I posted here. Been somewhat busy and not motivated. I have eaten out a LOT in the past 2 weeks. No more! Time to be accountable. I have also spent a bit of money on shoes and clothes, all of which I am returning and getting what I really need instead - a pair of good rain boots. Any ideas?

This morning I got up real early and went to the park with my dog. We were there for about 2 hours. Came back, had some breakfast, and now doggie is snoring by my feet and I am working on some of the stuff that I need to take care of (not right at this moment of course because I am writing here Stick Out Tongue )

Between today and tomorrow, I want to plan my meals and cook for the rest of the week. So the things to do are:

[X] Plan meals
[X] Grocery shop
[X] Cook (freeze if needed etc)
[ ] Sew buttons on clothing items
[X] Finish 1 chapter of the book I am studying
[/] Start on the new book
[/] Look around for new job opportunities
[1 ] Apply to new job opportunities (applied to 1 - better than nothing)
[ ] Run

Weekend List

April 17th, 2010 at 08:19 am

[X] Finish 2 chapters of class 1
[ ] Work on project
[X ] Run
[X ] Grocery shop for the week
[X] Cook 2 recipes from Jamie Oliver for next week
[ 3 so far] Apply to 10 jobs in the minimum
[XX] Relax a little

A few updates

April 8th, 2010 at 10:17 pm

This week seems to have passed by in a whirl! Anyway I am glad it's the weekend soon. Does't feel like I have achieved much this week, but I did go for a run! I also filled out my taxes using a different software and I get slightly more refunds. How is that possible? I used the same information that I gave to the 1st software. So I guess I know which one I will be using to submit my taxes!!

Here are a few things that I did today so that I can check them off.

[X] Run
[X] Eat a healthy salad for dinner
[X] Clean up my bedroom
[X] Finish the book I was reading
[X] Redo the taxes using a diff software

Sadly there isn't much else to add.

Tomorrow I will:

[X] Verify all information one more time, and submit the tax forms.
[X] Fix an issue - work related

Things to do this weekend

April 3rd, 2010 at 01:54 pm

[X] Prepare tax
(have to review and file it using taxAct, which I will by early next week)
[X] Read a chapter on the project I will be working on
[X] Start on the project
[X] Laundry (2 - 3 loads)
[X] Cook the rice pilaf and lamb chops from the bbc recipe
[ ] Go for a run
[X] Eyebrows
[X] Give myself mani/pedi
[/] Menu plan
[ ] Make lunches
[ ] Organize paper works
[ ] Organize clothes/accesories
[X] Clean

All of these doable? Will see.


Not bad, I will got for a run tomorrow, and will finish the rest of the items tomorrow or the day after. Of course by then there will be other to-do's added.