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Things to do this weekend

April 3rd, 2010 at 01:54 pm

[X] Prepare tax
(have to review and file it using taxAct, which I will by early next week)
[X] Read a chapter on the project I will be working on
[X] Start on the project
[X] Laundry (2 - 3 loads)
[X] Cook the rice pilaf and lamb chops from the bbc recipe
[ ] Go for a run
[X] Eyebrows
[X] Give myself mani/pedi
[/] Menu plan
[ ] Make lunches
[ ] Organize paper works
[ ] Organize clothes/accesories
[X] Clean

All of these doable? Will see.


Not bad, I will got for a run tomorrow, and will finish the rest of the items tomorrow or the day after. Of course by then there will be other to-do's added.

2 Responses to “Things to do this weekend”

  1. quinie Says:

    hm... about tax... i delivered the tax report to tax office a week ago avoiding pay fine Smile

  2. Aubergine Says:

    I usually am done with the taxes by February, but I had other pressing things to take care of this year. But they are not due until the April 15th, and I am already done with them. I just have to review and press the submit button!

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